Waseem Badami

WB by Hemani - The organic brand

What do you look for in a beauty brand when you are shopping? Great coverage? Great quality? A brand name you can trust? a wide range of products to choose from? Well, Hemani is all this and it is ORGANIC!!

Yes, you heard us, the brand uses nothing but 100% natural and organic ingredients to make their merchandise. Products that won't destroy your skin. Wearing makeup every day will ruin your skin is now just a myth. Buy Hemani products and wear makeup every day without thinking twice.  Get that highlight on fleek with the golden sand highlight or the eye-catching star shine.

Give your skin the natural love it deserves.

Give your skin some room to breathe. End your day right with the day and night cream made with natures essential oils and herbal secrets or rewind the time with the magical anti-aging cream. Detoxify with the infamous clay it detoxifying mask by wb by Hemani. You can get your baby soft hands back. Try the velvet soft hand cream and indulge yourself in the freshness of the cold cucumber face scrub with dandelions. Buy it separately or treat yourself with the complete range.

Why get some when you can get it all?

Why should your face get all the love? Get that long, ravishing, Rapunzel hair with the new all new range of Hemani including the deep care shampoo with caviar extract or try the deep care shampoo with pearl extract. They are as effective as they sound.

Want that many ravishing beard? You know the drill Hemani has something for you too. The very hot selling “oh manh beard” shampoo.

You need to try to actually know how magical it really is. That majestic beard only a click away. Get it now on discounted prices.


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