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What is MyDarzi ?

MyDarzi is your digital tailor that's here to give you the power to get your favorite, most intricate fabric stitched at the click of a button, with the finest craftsmanship and none of the hassle.

Choose from a wide array of Fabric from Pakistan's Top Fashion Brands.

Go for one of our templated sizes or specify your won measurements from our size-chart below.



Contrary to what you're thinking, MyDarzi won't cost you a kidney or your house. In fact the prices we're offering are actually lower than your average Darzi who will take all your money and STILL ruin that "Mehenga Suit".

Starting from Rs 1000

  • Follow Our Easy Steps!
  • 1. Log on to MyGerrys and select your favorite dress.
  • 2. Tick the "Get your fabric tailored with MyDarzi" next to your dress of choice.
  • 3. Choose from a selection of available sizes or customize the measurements to match your fit.
  • Choose From A Wide Variety
  • 4. Enter your details on our checkout page.
  • 5. Select from a variety of Payment Options & complete the purchase.
  • 6. Sit Back, Relax and let us take care of all the work.

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