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Those were the times when feature phones in Pakistanused to be the highlights of our lives. Listening to the various yet small collection of ringtones used to serve as music to our ears. Plus how can we forget about the snake game where all the siblings used to fight over getting their turns as soon as they could! Serving the main purpose, feature phones made simple tasks like messaging and making calls effortlessly easy. Without the hassle of keeping the apps updated, those were the simplistic mobile phone era. There are still some people living among us who prefer feature phones for their daily use. Being made with stronger built, Feature phones can survive great damage with perhaps just a scratch or none.

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Moving forward from the past, you can still get your hands on feature phones that now come in a number of variables with trendy colors and attractive new features. At MyGerrys you will find feature phones from all the best selling brands of Pakistan. We have features phones from: With MyGerrys, purchasing phones has been made easy. Now, you get to choose your much- awaited feature phone from various brands that offer you the best of their products.

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