1. Huawei - Y6 Prime 2019 - 32GB | Phones by MyGerrys
    Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 - 6.1 In. - 2GB RAM
    As low as Rs. 20,999.00 Regular Price Rs. 21,499.00
  2. Huawei - Y9 2019 - 6.5in - 64 GB - 4GB - Price in Pakistan
    Huawei Y9 2019 - 6.5 In. - 4 GB
    As low as Rs. 35,198.00 Regular Price Rs. 40,849.00
  3. Huawei Nova 3i - 6.3 in. - 128GB - Black
    Huawei Huawei Nova 3i - 6.3 inches - 128GB
    As low as Rs. 36,999.00 Regular Price Rs. 45,999.00
  4. Huawei P30-Lite-Blue
    Discount: 16% Off
    Huawei Huawei P30-Lite-Blue
    Special Price Rs. 40,099.00 Regular Price Rs. 47,999.00
  5. Huawei P30-Lite-Black
    Discount: 16% Off
    Huawei Huawei P30-Lite-Black
    Special Price Rs. 40,099.00 Regular Price Rs. 47,999.00
  6. Huawei P30 Lite Price in Pakistan
    Huawei P30 Lite
    As low as Rs. 40,099.00 Regular Price Rs. 47,999.00
  7. Huawei P30 Price in Pakistan
    Huawei P30
    As low as Rs. 124,999.00

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  Do you desperately want to change your smartphone?  Are you in search of the smartphone that has it all? Well, look no further.  We have got just the thing for you. The Huawei phones are the one solution to all your problems.

Why buy a Huawei phone?

By now we are sure you have heard about the great Huawei p30. well, imagine... You put your phone on charge at night and go to bed for your good night sleep, you wake up in the morning only to find out that you forgot to turn on the switch... Well worry no more the new fast-charging technology in the Huawei phones only needs 30 minutes to charge your phone all the way up to 70 % Are you the social life of your group? Do you want to save all your memories well the Huawei p30 has not a dual, not a triple but, a quad-core camera for those perfect HD pictures you have always wanted. have you even checked out the amazing colors the Huawei p30 comes in? well, what are you waiting for?  Hurry and log on to mygerrys to take a look at the stunning colors and specification of the Huawei phones.

What else do the Huawei smartphones have?

If you buy a Huawei phone you are practically getting an unbreakable phone. YESS!! The phones are dust resistant, highly water-proof; which means you can drop the phone in water and you would only be bathing the phone.

What else can I get when I buy a Huawei phone?

You can make your Huawei smartphone experience even better Except for the regular accessories like a charger, earphones and the mobile set itself you can also shop a wireless charger. what more? Are you always on the run? Do you want to buy a phone that can keep up with your speed? well, look no further. the HUAWEI mate 20 is the worlds fastest smartphone with 1.4 Gbps LTE.  The ultimate phone for your fast pace of life. Shop some awesome discounted deals on the Huawei smartphones at Mygerry'