Rubian Mini Handheld Sewing Machine - White

Rs. 549

A compact and small sewing machine which is far better than normal sewing devices. It's great for quick sewing that you need for maybe a small tear or to put up a button on your shirt that came off. For moments like that it's perfect to use and makes...

Buy and Buy Pack of 2 Tool Kit Aiwa and Car Vacuum Cleaner - Multicolor

Rs. 1,835


Buy and Buy Pack of 3 - 3 in 1 Wax Vac, Car Vacuum Cleaner and Aiwa 40 Pc Tool Kit

Rs. 2,000


Buy and Buy Mini Turbine Dual Purpose Fan - White and Green

Rs. 800


Buy and Buy Car Vacuum Cleaner - Blue

Rs. 1,299


Buy and Buy Vertical Power Sockets with USB Ports - White And Orange

Rs. 2,500


Samovar Tea Dispenser - 12 Ltr

Rs. 13,000


Rubian Vertical Secure Power Sockets With USB Port - White

Rs. 3,499

This power socket has a vertical design unlike most power sockets which are horizontal. This incredible design makes it easier for you to put it down and charge up your phones or power up your devices. It also comes with USB ports for charging phones...

Rubian Handheld Iron Clothes Wrinkle Remover - White And Blue

Rs. 1,499


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Home Appliances Prices in Pakistan

In the 21st Century, technology is advancing with every passing day in order to make the world a better place. It has become a lot easier to get done with tasks and home chores consume very less time now with all the available home appliances in Pakistan. This is because of great advancement in technology that a number of home appliances are making our lives easier and online stores have made online shopping appliances very easy. You can simplify all that you do at home and take care of all the chores with complete ease; just buy appliances online. These home appliances are equipped with modern functions to assist you and help you save massive time in kitchen, washroom, living, everywhere! With MyGerrys huge range of kitchen appliances online shopping, everyone can enjoy the convenience provided by these appliances. Get all kitchen appliances which includes microwaves, refrigerators and cooking range at lowest price in Pakistan, Not just kitchen appliances but items like TV, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner are also available at MyGerrys.