Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to commonly asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to commonly asked questions below.

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What is a tracking number?

The tracking number or code is a figure of numbers that will help you track the status of your order.

How do I track my order?

You can track your order on the M&P website. Here’s is the link: www. http://mulphilog.com/track-shipment

How will I get my tracking number?

You can easily get your tracking number from our CS Team that is ready to help between 9am to 11pm. Call us here for assistance: (021)-111-611-111

I lost my tracking number, how can I get it again?

No worries! Call our Customer Support Team, at (021)-111-611-111, available between 9am-11pm.

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What are the shipping charges across Pakistan?

The shipping charges start from Rs. 113 for all over Pakistan except Karachi, the delivery in Karachi is free!

How are the shipping charges calculated?

The shipping charges are calculated at the rate of Rs. 113/KG.

Where can I see the shipping charges while placing the order?

The shipping charges are shown on the final e-receipt before you confirm your order!

How do I place an order?

  1. 1. Log on to www.mygerrys.com
  2. 2. Select the category you desire to shop from
  3. 3. Add your favorite products to cart by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button provided on every product page across the store
  4. 4. Click on the ‘Complete Order’ button to proceed to the checkout screen
  5. 5. Enter your account details at MyGerrys. Now you can:
  6. Enter your E-Mail ID and password if you are already registered with us. Create a new account! Click here. If you aren’t registered, no worries! You can checkout from our portal as a guest! Note: Make sure you register with us so you can order at our shop without re-entering your information when shopping with us again!
  7. 6. Fill out the checkout form by entering your personal details. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed.
  8. 7. Enter your shipping address where you desire to get your items delivered.
  9. 8. Check the ‘Terms & Conditions and click on the ‘Continue to Payment’ button.
  10. 9. Choose your payment method! Since we offer Cash-on-delivery, Electronic Payment via Credit/Debit Card, JazzCash, EasyPay & Keenu, you have plenty of options to make a hassle-free payment against your order!
  11. 10.) Once you’re done, click to confirm your order!
  12. 11.) In case you need any assistance, our customer representatives are available 9 am – 11 pm via online chat.

Can I place an order via call?

Yes you can, our CS Team is always at your service between 9am to 11 pm. Call us at (021)-111-611-111.

I added an unwanted item, how do I remove it from my cart?

Removing an item is easy! All you have to do it click the cart, find and press the “-“ button to exclude the product before you confirm your order!

Do I have to make an account to buy on MyGerrys?

We advise our customers to make an account to keep up with our upcoming sales and discounts, however for customers, who don’t wish to make an account, can easily shop as guest. Once the order is confirmed they will receive a call from the CS Team!

How will I know my order is confirmed?

Once you have placed your order, the website will redirect you to the confirmation page, where you will also see your “Order ID”.

My order is confirmed but I didn’t get a verification call, what do I do?

Didn’t get a call? Don’t worry! Our CS Team may be busy, they will definitely call you, but in case you don’t get a call, you can call us at (021)-111-611-111 for further assistance!

I can’t add a certain product to my cart. What do I do?

While selecting a desired product, make sure to select the desired size and quantity, and then add to cart.

I am a new seller. How do I sell on MyGerrys?

To sell through our website call us at (021)-111-611-111, the CS Team will assist you to the concerned category manager.

How long until my products go live?

MyGerrys is constantly uploading products; a new seller usually takes between 3-7 working days, depending on the supplier files and information provided.

I have an update on stock, prices or discounts. What do I do?

For any updates on stock, price or sale discounts, just mail the concerned category manager with the updating details along with model number/shop sku!

How do I add new products to my existing shop?

Just mail the product file on format to the category manager.

I forgot my login ID and password. What do I do now?

In case you forget you login details, just call your category manager and they will provide you the details.

What are the various payment methods on MyGerrys?

MyGerrys provides two main payment methods.

1. Cash on Delivery across Pakistan

2. Online payment through debit or credit cards

How will I know my online payment was accepted?

Once you’ve made the online payment, you will be redirected to the MyGerrys page that will confirm your payment.

What kinds of cards does MyGerrys accept?

MyGerrys accepts:

1. Visa Credit Cards

2. Master Credit Cards

3. Visa Debit Cards

4. Master Credit Cards

Is the online payment safe?

The online payment option on MyGerrys is 100% safe. MyGerrys has promised to cater to customers with honesty and loyalty, and that will never change!

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