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Anex QG3320 - Multigroom Grooming Kit (Brand Warranty)

Rs. 4,200 Rs. 4,595

Everything you need for making different beard styles & get rid of unwanted hairs! Now presenting to you a new brand multi grooming kit for men. Anex - QG 3320  Multi groom grooming kit (with brand warranty) has an adjust...

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Dingling RF-608C - Rechargeable Cordless Hair Trimmer - Copper

Rs. 895 Rs. 2,352

                  Create your own haircut style! This trimmer has a Strong, safe and durable body-inner and strong electromagnetic vibrating motor Sharp blade, so ...

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Dingling RF-609 - Rechargeable Cordless Hair Trimmer - Silver

Rs. 1,025 Rs. 1,372

Dingling RF-609 - Rechargeable Cordless Hair Trimmer is designed for professional use to cut beards and hairs.  It has been produced using the most modern machinery and all the functions have been thoroughly tested. The DING...

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Kemei KM-1008 - Trimmer

Rs. 780 Rs. 2,548

Get your hands on Kemei KM-1008 - Trimmer, and be a DIY hairstylist at home! With its ergonomic design & shape, yo can hold it easily as it fits in palm cantour. It offers a large capacity, re-chargeable battery that last for 40 minutes.This trim...

Kemei KM-730 - Clipper & Shaver for Men

Rs. 1,999


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Kemei KM-822 - Professional Blade Shaver - Silverish Black

Rs. 662 Rs. 2,058

 Get trendy beard style at home, now you can shave your ownbeard like a professional by KM-822 - Blade Shaver. The light weight product with smooth blades will protect your skin from any scratch or cut while shaving. It comes with AA rechargeabl...

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Kemei KM-9020 - Professional Clipper & Trimmer - Gold & White

Rs. 578 Rs. 1,999

The KM-9020 - Professional Clipper & Trimmer for Men is the Perfect trimmer that helps you trim hair or beards the way you like it. A must have in men's grooming kit, it has an ergonomic shaped body which makes it easy to hold and use. It highlig...

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