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iGeek EDWDR - Ezcast Dongle Wifi Display Receiver - Black

Rs. 1,450 Rs. 4,500

The dongle Wi-Fi, that is suitable for you! The dongle device, receives fast and strong signals of WiFi's around your vicinity. You just have to know the passwords, and you can easily switch between WiFi's, if one stops working or works slow. It...

Buy and Buy A4 Printing Papers - PPC Papers - 70 Gsm

Rs. 799


Buy and Buy E-Table With Laptop Cooling Pad - White

Rs. 1,299


Buy and Buy Keyboard Mouse Wireless - Black

Rs. 2,500


Buy and Buy Kingston Class 10 Memory Card - 16GB - UHS-1 - Black

Rs. 1,300


Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Fan - Purple

Rs. 800


Net World USB Lamp With Fan - Blue

Rs. 125

You never know when your power could go out and the generator might not be working.. Then you need to be prepared and you can be with this amazing gadget. The Net World USB lamp has a bright light that can light up a dark room and give you enough lig...

Pack of 2 Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Fan - Blue

Rs. 800


Rubian Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard - White

Rs. 1,499

A super slim keyboard for you to take with you anywhere with you wherever you want. If you want to use this on your mobile phone then you can by connecting it to your phone via Bluetooth which makes it easier for you to type long paragraphs and make ...

Rubian USB 7.1 Channel Sound Adapter - Black

Rs. 600

The best quality sounds card you'll find. It is easy to use and install. You simply have to connect it to your notebook or desktop PC and it'll install directly from the device without any need for installation. It's been made with great quality mate...

Rubian USB Mini Fridge Cooler - Red

Rs. 3,300

It can be hard when you're working late at night on your laptop or PC, or you could be playing a game with your friends. You can get tired and thirsty and wouldn't want to leave to get a drink because it might get in the way. This Rubian USB mini fri...

The Speed Grade Pack Of 4 - Usb Led Keyboard Light/Lamp For Notebook / Laptop / Power Bank - Black

Rs. 500

                                        Enjoy your per...

USB Battery Mini Turbine 5V - Dual Purpose Fan Cooler

Rs. 1,132


USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner - Blue

Rs. 1,000


USB Mini Turbine Water Spray Fan - Pink And White

Rs. 649


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