Led Portable Lamp Gently Insert The Instant Bright - Buy 1 Get 1

Rs. 499

Great Time mobile accessories, has a variety of mobile accessories, that make using your smartphone, easy! The products are highly durable, and feasible to use, that boost your phones performance!Potable, light bulb, that has a USB connection! Have a...

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AlphaTronix - Mini Turbine Fan Portable USB - White And Green

Rs. 749 Rs. 2,499

The summers are a hard time to do anything. The whether is extremely hot and it makes you tired and lazy. All you wanna do is sit back and relax and you can with this AlphaTronix mini turbine USB fan that is easy to use and works really well to make ...

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AlphaTronix Adjustable Laptop Table - Black

Rs. 2,999 Rs. 3,999

Using your laptop on your lap gets tiring after a while and can also be a strain on your legs as well as many other problems that can occur due to heating, if you leave it on your bed or any other place next/on top of flammable material. All you have...

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AlphaTronix Air Conditioner Shaped Mini Cooler Fan & Fragrance - Blue And White

Rs. 739 Rs. 2,199

This Air Conditioner shaped mini cooler and fragrance fan is perfect for the hot and damp summer times. When yo're at home and can't bear the intense heat o the summers, this fan will keep you cool. It also has a built in case in which you can add yo...

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AlphaTronix Mini Portable Lamp Flexible Eye-Protection Light - Blue

Rs. 249 Rs. 599

If you're looking for a USB powered light that is small and portable and does the job well, then you don't need to look any further because this is exactly what you want! It's an amazing soft shade lamp that connects to your laptop or any other USB p...

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AlphaTronix Mini USB Fan - Pink

Rs. 889 Rs. 1,500

This Mini USB Fan is as efficient as any other normal fan. It has the look of a normal pedestal fan and works just as good as one for much lower the price. It can run through USB power or batteries and will keep you cool in the summer times. You can ...

Black Copper Converter - HDMI to VGA - White

Rs. 800

If you've got a device with a VGA port, but you don't have a VGA cable, then with this VGA port, you can get a VGA cable in an instant! Having both an HDMI and VGA cable in one is useful and makes it convenient! ...

Black Copper US-01 - USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner- Green

Rs. 700

It's annoying when all small junk and residue gets wedged in between the keyboard and is hard to get out. With the Black Copper US-01, you can easily get all that trash out easily and make your keyboard look clean and new!...

DELL 6 Cell Laptop Battery - D630 (Supplier Warranty)

Rs. 2,187

Give extended life to your Dell Laptops by bringing this 6 cell battery. Compatible with Dell D630 and D620, this battery allows you extended time and gets charged quickly compared to other batteries. This battery is also safe from overheating and ov...

Ergo L136 - Laptop Cooling Pad - Black

Rs. 1,500

The Ergo L136 cooling pad will make sure that your laptop cool down after you use it too much. the fan works fast and gets the job done. You don't have to worry about it making too much noise either, just stay cool and calm! ...

Ergo S300 - 2 Fan USB Laptop Cooling Pad - Black

Rs. 2,000

The Ergo S300 has not just one, but two fans which means double the power. Your laptop will be cooled a lot quicker and better with the help of two fans. You don't have to worry about to fans making too much noise either because it's as quiet as a ...

Logitech Wireless Presenter - Black - R400

Rs. 2,000

if you're a person who constantly gives speeches or presentations in front of an audience or at work, then you know it's a hassle to always keep going back to your notebook. with the Logitech Wireless Presenter, you can move about freely, with a di...

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Net World USB Lamp With Fan - Blue

Rs. 349 Rs. 400

You never know when your power could go out and the generator might not be working.. Then you need to be prepared and you can be with this amazing gadget. The Net World USB lamp has a bright light that can light up a dark room and give you enough lig...

This limited offer ends

Rubian USB 7.1 Channel Sound Adapter - Black

Rs. 999 Rs. 600

The best quality sounds card you'll find. It is easy to use and install. You simply have to connect it to your notebook or desktop PC and it'll install directly from the device without any need for installation. It's been made with great quality mate...

This limited offer ends

Rubian USB Mini Fridge Cooler - Red

Rs. 2,349 Rs. 3,300

It can be hard when you're working late at night on your laptop or PC, or you could be playing a game with your friends. You can get tired and thirsty and wouldn't want to leave to get a drink because it might get in the way. This Rubian USB mini fri...

Western Digital Elements - External Hard Drive Case - Black

Rs. 1,000

You'll always want your external hard drive to be safe and protected just like your internal hard drive, as it can be open to many hazards and accidents. You could be drinking a cup of coffee next to it and accidentally spill it, all your data will b...

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