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Black Friday 2018 - All About MyGerrys Grand Friday Sale!

The black Friday 2018 sale is finally LIVE and you better be ready to click the "BUY NOW" button to avail up to 85% discount! You didn't think we'd stop there, did you? MyGerrys has some crazy additional discounts that will surely excite you! Sitting at home, waiting to hit the malls as the fiery Black Friday 2018 Sales start? Just visit MyGerrys!

The Greatest Black Friday 2018 Deals in Pakistan and Beyond!

If you're looking for the best prices of your favorite products in Pakistan, look no more, this is your ultimate stop shop! MyGerrys has brought some amazing discounts and reasonable deals that'll excite you! For example:
Slashed Prices on BUNDLE PACKS!
Pay the Price of ONE for A COMBO of 6!
Now Save Money, and enjoy products at the Lowest Prices in Pakistan, just as always! What could be better than that?!

And, What Brands are Available on MyGerrys for Black Friday 2018?

MyGerrys has a wide range of products, an exceptional number of brands in multiple categories! The big and great DISCOUNTS STRETCH OUT ON ALL CATEGORIES, the website has to offer, an endless variety of products to choose from! We've multiple active brands, like:



Urban Decay,
Bobbi Brown,
Makeup Revolution,
WB by Hemani,
Oriflame, and all your other favorite brands all under one roof!



Maria B.,
Zara Khan,
Reebok, and more that follow.


MyGerrys has always made a commitment to bring you the Newest Phones First, and so our mobile category is always up-to-date. We've new mobile phones updated as soon as they are launched! We will always be the first one to introduce those new phones in Pakistan!


Xiaomi Mi,
Motorola and so many more.


MyGerrys is still catering to customers in the department, we have brands like:


Black & Decker,
LG, among many others.
Did you think that was all?

What Else is in the Store this November for Black Friday 2018?

MyGerrys has brought together its finest vendors and their most desirable products at the best prices you'll find while shopping online! Not just that, MyGerrys also has exciting and big discounts on brands! We've brought to you brand-wise sale, category-wise sale and vendor-wise sale, all in one Grand Friday! Besides the array of products and brands, MyGerrys is also bringing you SURPRISE FLASH SALES, where the Prices are Slashed Further, and we guarantee those are the lowest prices you'll find online! The FLASH SALES will feature Cosmetics, Fashion (Women, Men, and Children), Home Appliances, Mobile Phones, even the Mobile Phone Accessories! Can you imagine getting a 1200 PKR headset in 500 PKR during a Flash Sale?! The craziest discounts ever!

What's Going to be 'NEW' on MyGerrys Black Friday 2018?

This year, MyGerrys has New and Improved Categories. We're focusing on categories that were being overlooked among all the other famous categories, i.e, Mobile Phones, Mobile Accessories, Fashion, Cosmetics, and Home Appliances, and the categories being focused on include Home & Living, Home Improvement, Baby Essentials, and Kid's Toys. We've on-boarded many NEW VENDORS, that will be featuring Home & Living Products such as:
  • Bed Sheets,
  • Curtains,
  • Big Furniture,
  • Small Furniture,
  • Garden Furniture,
  • Pillows,
  • Cushions,
  • Kitchen Essentials.


As for the Toys Category, buying Premium Quality and exciting toys has never been easier, you can buy themed toys that appeal to your kid.
  1. Just use the Search Bar on top of your Window,
  2. Type down the Cartoon Character,
  3. Click "BUY NOW",
  4. Start Shopping!
We've got some amazing and exciting toys that will make your little ones very, very happy and fill their hearts with joy!

Don't Miss Out On Anything - Stay Updated And Notified!

Do you feel like you miss out on the discounts? You get busy doing something and forget about the flash sales? Well, MyGerrys has got the best solution for that! We want to make sure that you're always there to avail the discounts and to be the first one there. All you have to do is Subscribe to our Newsletters, which contain all the information you need to know about our upcoming discounts and sales.

Annoyed of Newsletters?

Like our Facebook page or follow our Instagram, whatever platform you follow us on, we're always up and active! Our social media platforms are being constantly updated with the newest deals and discounts! Now never miss out on a sale again!

MyGerrys is still convenient!

What's Better than NOT Moving Out of Bed and Shopping Online?

Having the convenience of paying with ease! You have the ease of paying at your doorstep. Just order online through the website, and pay in cash at your door, to receive your package!

How Does MyGerrys Make Your Online Shopping Experience Much Easier?

YOU CAN PAY through your:
Credit Cards,
Debit Cards,
JazzCash Mobile Account,
OTC (Over The Counter) through Easy Paisa!
(COD) Cash On Delivery,
Use whatever payment method is feasible for you, whichever makes you comfortable.


MyGerrys has always made sure that the customer experience and our user interface is as easy as possible. The way you order is still as simple as it was since the day we began!
Select the Product you want and Click on it,
Click the "BUY NOW" Button,
Once it's added to your Cart, Click CHECKOUT,
Choose your PREFERRED OPTION on the Payment Method Page,
Type in your ADDRESS
Wait for the call from our customer representative, who will verify your order, repeat your order, to make sure everything is placed, and after that all you do is wait 3-5 working days for your order!


We're not just Reaching Out to Our Pakistan-Based Vendors, We've Gone GLOBAL!

As you might already be aware of MyGerrys Global, with the help of it, we have expanded your options, especially when it comes to selecting the best online shopping mall. Exactly how are we doing that? Well, what we have done is, made Shopping from USA Easier for our Customers! That's right, through MyGerrys Global, you can order products and shop online from any USA-based website!

How Does that Benefit You during the Biggest Sale of the Year at

It enables you to enjoy Black Friday discounts on any USA-based website! You can be a part of the original black Friday sale! Just pay the product price, and shipping at the lowest rates and enjoy your foreign products! From baby clothing to appliances, your options are unlimited!

So, Why Choose MyGerrys for Black Friday 2018?

Not just the discounts, MyGerrys ensures that the deals aren't repetitive! You'll see something New and Unique in EVERY CATEGORY, and as for the Brands? Well, we've definitely increased our number of brands as well, to make sure you have got more options to buy from. We promised good, but this is Bigger and Better! We have decided to bring brands to you, that have Never been Seen Online Before! Just like every year (but better), MyGerrys brings you the best black Friday 2018 deals in Pakistan! We promised to bring the great to your doorstep and we are delivering that combined with the best online shopping experience you'll ever get! The sale gets bigger and better every year, with great and amazing discounts!

What is Better than Discounts? ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS!

You thought we were done being crazy for this Black Friday 2018? Well, you underestimated our discounts! MyGerrys is also bringing you ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS, that's right! If you Add a Product with 40% Off into your Shopping Cart, you'll get an Additional Discount if you use a Credit Card from the Bank, of course, that depends on what Payment Method You Choose! We value all of our customers, the Credit Cardholders and the ones who prefer COD (Cash-On-Delivery), the customers paying COD, get Awesome Discounts as well. We've thought it all through!

With MyGerrys, You've got nothing to worry about this Black Friday 2018!

Have you had many bad experiences? Fake products? Have numerous websites before, wronged you and made empty promises? With MyGerrys you have no worries like that because we've brought you the best and genuine products, to fulfill all the promises that we've made to you.
OUR PRODUCTS ARE 100% ORIGINAL, ensuring that you get what you're expecting, we will always be here to give you, your money's worth! Best of all, every order is thoroughly checked, without having to open the packaging, we check the condition of each and every product before it's delivered to the customer. We make sure the quality of all our products is 100% up to the mark and satisfies our customer, as much as we want to!

Black Friday 2018 FAQs - MyGerrys Grand Friday Pakistan!

Have you been wondering about a few things about the BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR aka Black Friday? Don't worry, all major concerns have been addressed to in our FAQ's! Let's get the latest updates on Black Friday 2018 Pakistan before you start shopping! Here's some information about Black Friday!

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a mega sale event, that is now celebrated globally. Numerous brands, sellers and businesses participate in this sale and many online retailers participate as well, who offer big, promising discounts!

When is Black Friday 2018 in Pakistan?

Friday 23rd November is the date for Black Friday 2018 worldwide. Black Friday is an event celebrated in the month of November. However, most sellers instead of celebrating it, arrange big sales on their own dates, usually in the last week of November!

Why is it Known as Black Friday?

Many of our valued customers, in Pakistan, have concerns as to why the biggest and busiest shopping festival is known as "Black Friday" and not White Friday, Good Friday or even Bright Friday? Just as MyGerrys promised to address all of your concerns, we're here to clear out the confusion. In the 1960s, when profit or loss was calculated by hand on registers, penned down basically. Losses were Marked with RED and Profits were Marked with BLACK. And while this shopping festival is the "Craziest Sale of the Year", profits are off the chart, even with discounts, deals, and offers. So in reality, the word BLACK is associated with the profits companies make off the sale!

How to Get More Information about Black Friday 2018 Pakistan?

There are many ways you can get more information and stay updated, regarding the BIGGEST BLACK FRIDAY SALE at MyGerrys!
> Subscribe to our Newsletter
> Visit our Website
> Like our Facebook Page
> Follow us on Instagram
We update our social accounts on a DAILY BASIS! So you're always up to date! So the wait is just a little longer and you'll be able to avail the crazy discounts MyGerrys has to offer! Just hang in there valued customer!

We Are Always Here For You!

Have you bought a faulty product? Is the product not up to the mark? Don't feel cheated, we're always here to assist you in any way possible. MyGerrys has a 3-DAY RETURN OFFER, with which you can have your product picked up and returned if it hasn't been the perfect one, as soon as you mail us with all the required data. Our representatives will get back to you with a refund voucher, that can be used to make any future purchases on our website. While Black Friday 2018 can be a busy time for us, we promise to always be ONE CALL AWAY. We would never want you to pay for a faulty product and be stuck with it! MyGerrys is here to address any and every concern you have!

Why Would you Want to Shop Online Instead of Hitting a Mall?

Since we already know it as the biggest shopping festival of the year, it is pretty evident that people go all put because of the huge discounts and deals, and while that's a fact, there is also another fact that we miss. The fact that malls are filled and jam-packed because of people, at times you get the best deals, and at times you miss out on them, and that's where the online shopping experience comes in.

What Makes Online Shopping Easier?

MyGerrys is sure to have amazing discounts that will knock your socks off, so while we are preparing for the best sale ever, you can browse the website and bookmark all your desirable products, MyGerrys is sure to cater to that! You don't have to buy the products now, you can buy them during black Friday 2018, with massive discounts and amazing deals and for further discounts just wait for the flash sales, those might be a surprise but they are sure to excite you!
There's no need to leave your bed, cozy blankets and warm pajama's because, on MyGerrys, you get the HOTTEST DEALS IN TOWN! - just like it always has. Stay right where you are and shop from your home, while you sip on hot cocoa! ENJOY!